Boogies Watersports & Jet Ski Rentals is located at the Harbor and is a popular rental company for  various water sport equipment.  They have a large number of newer jet skis for rent, so they are a good source for families and friends that want to go out as a group.  Boogie’s is located at the foot of the Destin bridge, which is pretty close to Crab Island and has immediate access to the gulf and Crab Island.  Boogie’s also has pontoon boat rentals, and para-sailing as well. Boogie’s watersports offers rentals from ½ hour to an hour, or from ½ a day, to the whole day as well as weekly rates and no restriction on the riding area! (Go wherever you want and explore all of our intercoastal waterways). A ½ day is 4 hours, a whole day is 8 hours, and a weekly rental is 5 full days. We also offer the 25 question multiple choice certificate test for 3 dollars. When renting a jet ski it’s always recommended to bring a waterproof camera, inexpensive goggles or glasses and plenty of sunscreen.

Boogie’s has been in business since early 1998 and has a flawless reputation for providing exceptional customer service with quality equipment.  With a reputation like that you definitely want to book in advance to make sure you get a reservation.  Offering a number of ways to book their services, you can go online, phone in, or show up in person (Although there may not be any available if you choose to go this route).